A Peek Inside Evans & Chambers’ Culture and Activities

by Alice Swan Feb 8th, 2019 EC Inside Events

Here at Evans & Chambers Technology (EC) we are invested in hard work, company growth, and strong ethics. As part of that investment, we show our gratitude and appreciation for all the dedication from our team. EC hosts several events each year with employees and their families to  celebrate our culture and employee morale.

Last year, we swooshed into happy hour for a March Madness game, and we set up a friendly employee rivalry by taking guesses on which team would win the game and by how much. Next, employees and their families glammed up for the Virginia Gold Cup in their pastels and crazy hats to give back to our community and grow our EC network. After glamming up, it was time to get down and dirty for our braver EC team members at the Tough Mudder. The Tough Mudder was epic! It included 10 miles of mud and ice baths, rope walks, and monkey bars, all the while having about 5 pounds of mud hanging off our backs. After all that commotion, employees enjoyed some much deserved relaxation at the DC Jazz Fest, bringing the summer to a close.

The EC family welcomed the fall with the Odyssey boat cruise on the Potomac, where we participated in  fun games, won cool prizes, ate delicious food, and played musical chairs! During the year, we snuck in a few happy hours to celebrate our accomplishments each quarter. We finished the year strong with our annual holiday party full of gratitude, cheer, determination, and motivation to keep EC excellent and to give a special thanks to our exceptional employees and the services they provide our customers!


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