EC Participates in Relay for Life

by Cedric Craig Jun 21st, 2017 EC Inside Events

On Saturday, June 17th, a team of Evans & Chambers employees and friends of EC headed by EC’s Samantha Hess participated in the Relay for Life Beltway event in Falls Church, VA. Relay for Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that occurs across the world. Each event celebrates survivors, remembers those lost to the disease and spreads the message of hope: hope for a cure, hope for a world eradicated of cancer, hope for for more birthdays, hope for life.

Team EC gathered around 11am to decorate the team campsite in a Mexican theme completed with bright colored tissue paper flowers, blankets, pillows, and pool noodles. In front of the tent was a bright and colorful “jail” for our “jail ‘n bail” fundraiser in addition to a memorial wall where people could post a note in memory or in honor of loved ones.

While unfortunately there were some challenges due to weather (for instance, the wind was a terror to the campsite), but the team pressed on with the event. The memorial wall down sized a bit after the wind battering, but remained throughout the event with some beautiful artwork added (beside the memorial notes) from the children at the neighboring “VA Ninjas” tent. After all, the Relay For Life is all about the spirit of perseverance and overcoming hardships.

The children that attended the Relay were a bright spot in a day that was difficult for so many. They brought light and life to the event and spent nearly the entire day at the EC tent brightening Team EC’s day as well. The children weren’t the only people to find a home with Team EC. Katherine, a very kind teacher passionate about Relay, joined the group at the beginning of the event and stayed through till the end. Katherine shared her experiences with the team and looks forward to seeing Team EC representing again next year.

While the event as a whole was smaller than past years’, the team managed to raise $105 from on-site donations for the memorial wall, as well as babysitting money from one of the moms at the VA Ninjas tent (the Relay encourages all forms of innovative fundraising). In total, Team EC has raised $2,030 from multiple sources to be donated to the American Cancer Society and their continuing search for a cure. While the event has concluded, there is still time to donate to the team and make a difference (donations will be collected through August): Donate using this link:

Special thanks to the following people for their support at the event:

EC’s Stephanie Tevenal and Deanna Hess who worked tirelessly to help set up the campsite and get things started for the day. The campsite wouldn’t have looked as amazing as it did without their help.

EC’s Pat Miller for donating water and assisting in the campsite setup while his lovely wife, Rose, represented the team on the track.

EC’s Jamil Evans who arriver later in the afternoon to support the team, share some pictures on social media and walk a few laps.

Friend of EC and father to Samantha, Dan Hess, who multiple sources say was the hardest working person at the entire event. Dan was there with the team from initial setup around 10:45am till the last piece was carried to the car around 11:20pm. He saved the campsite from flipping due to wind and generally did anything and everything he could to make this event as successful as it could be. Dan certainly earned much praise for all of his effort the day before Father’s Day.

Thanks again to all of the individual donors whose donations are greatly appreciated and are going to a great cause, and special thanks to Samantha Hess for all of her work organizing the event and coordinating multiple efforts at once as Team Captain. Evans & Chambers Technology was proud to support the team as part of EC Cares and hopes this event will be an annual event for the company moving forward (with even higher goals to reach).

While EC’s first year at the Relay had a solid inaugural group, we hope next year will have even more participation and donations. If you would like to help continue EC’s effort with this year’s Relay For Life, please consider making a donation.