Evans & Chambers Hosts First Tradecraft Thursday Event

by Thomas DiBenedetto Aug 9th, 2017 EC Inside Events

On July 28th, EC’s Larry McDowell, Deputy Program Manager & Production Control Officer for the DID (Defense Intelligence Digest) publication, kicked-off the first Tradecraft Thursday presentation at the Evans & Chambers DC office. Several members from across EC were in attendance to learn and discuss the topic.

Larry’s presentation, titled “Best Practices in Writing for Executive Decision Makers,” centered on the best practices when developing intelligence assessments that will be read by government officials, military officers, and other decision makers in the federal government. While his lecture was full of instruction on how to appropriately package an intelligence article, Larry reaffirmed the ultimate purpose behind the articles and decision makers’ desires for them: “We’re about warfighting…defense intelligence. They want to be able to get an edge.” He explained that the key components to a great piece include: knowing one’s audience and their interests, concise and short statements with specific, appropriate language for the audience, a rational structure, and a clear understanding of the reason for the piece’s creation.

Tradecraft Thursdays are a new internal event series that represent EC’s ever-expanding educational offerings to its employees with the intent that they may be enriched by their colleague’s experience and thus prepared to tackle the many challenges in IT security. Future presentations will aim to cover a broader range of professional topics outside of programming and information technology (that which are covered in EC’s Tech Talks) to allow for more diverse content sharing among the non-technologically focused members at EC.


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