Evans & Chambers Hosts Second Bi-Annual Board of Advisors Meeting at Cosmos Club

by Cedric Craig Mar 7th, 2017 Business News

On March 2nd, 2017 Evans & Chambers Technology held its second bi-annual Board of Advisors meeting at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. Following the inauguration of the EC Board of Advisors in 2015, the Board meets every six months to discuss matters related to the organization, ranging from strategy to cautionary advice as directed by each Board member’s unique experience.

This past meeting was a great kickoff to 2017 as several topics of discussion were brought to the table aimed to focus on the upcoming year for Evans & Chambers. After a recap of 2016, the Board and several members of EC’s leadership team widely discussed multiple points of improvement and focus for the company over the coming year: how to bring more value to our customers, how to better attract the best talent around, how to promote our capabilities in the best light possible, and how to align EC’s mission with that of the mission of the Federal Government and the services they depend on.

Following the meeting several Evans & Chambers program and project managers met with the Board of Advisors over lunch to discuss the services they are providing for the organization or their client as well as expectations for 2017.