Evans & Chambers Technology Hosts Tradecraft Thursday: The Impact of Rogue Nations’ Nuclear Proliferation on a Global Scale

by Dorian Zimmerman Nov 14th, 2018 EC Inside Events

Recently, Davidian Shirley and Andrew Ewing, counterintelligence analysts with EC, held a Tradecraft Thursday talk. Their presentation, “The Impact of Rogue Nations’ Nuclear Proliferation on a Global Scale,” highlighted the importance of understanding how a rogue nation’s ability to acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) can affect global economies, international sanctions, and political dissonance.

In their talk, they analyzed and discussed six rogue nations: North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, and Iran. These nations have altered political and economic actions to their benefit by acquiring nuclear capabilities. In order to mitigate global threats, Intelligence analysts must have a profound understanding on how nuclear capabilities can be leveraged to the betterment of rogue nations.

The audience developed a better understanding throughout the presentation on how numerous rogue nations have leveraged WMDs to obtain both preferential trade agreements and submission from lesser states. Other world powers such as China, Russia, and Pakistan willingly supply rogue nations with WMDs to fight proxy wars with America and its allies.

Davidian and Andrew offered examples from Iran and North Korea of how they have leveraged their nuclear capabilities. In 2015, the P5+1 United Nations Council voted to repeal the sanctions levied against Iran in hopes of dismantling Iran’s nuclear enriching program in Bushehr. In 2018, North Korea leveraged its nuclear capabilities to get South Korea, China, and the United States to start negotiations on sanction dissolution.

Tradecraft Thursday is a series of employee-led internal monthly talks dedicated to EC’s core value of continual learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of professional topics to promote best practices and a shared understanding of common problem sets within our customer spaces. Stay tuned for the next Tradecraft Thursday recap!