EC Dominates Third Annual Tough Mudder Challenge

by Thomas DiBenedetto Jun 27th, 2017 EC Inside Events

On Saturday June 10th, Evans & Chambers participated in the annual Tough Mudder event in northern Virginia for the third year in a row. The Tough Mudder Mud Runs are team-centered endurance events that challenge one’s grit through a 10 mile course including over 20 arduous obstacles and, of course, loads of mud. This year Team EC ran 10 and a half miles and faced 21 obstacles all the while enduring the scorching 95 degree weather. Nonetheless, Team EC completed the event in slightly over four hours and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

EC’s Robert Chapell, who had captained the EC Tough Mudder Team for the last three years, says this about the event:

“[The Tough Mudder] is not a race but rather it is a challenge that requires teamwork in order to successfully complete the course. There are many ways that the event builds teamwork. Besides the obvious of working together to successfully negotiate obstacles, teammates lean on each other for support, motivation and inspiration throughout the course… When your fuel tank is empty and you feel like you can’t go on, we inspire and motivate each other to keep going.  There are also challenges along the way which allow people to safely conquer their fears and set new personal bests … Participating in the Tough Mudder is a great way to work together as a team, to get to know each other,  to set and achieve personal goals, and to challenge yourself all while having fun and getting a little dirty.”

Each year, the participants have enjoyed the experience, citing the team-building and camaraderie aspects as highlights. EC Business Analyst and first-time participant Phylicia Phillips remarked about her debut as a Tough Mudder:

“As a first time participant of the Tough Mudder, I think it went great! It was definitely a challenge but the team stuck together, stayed motivated and pushed through every obstacle… I did not know what to expect, but with some motivation from the team, I came out feeling stronger and more confident. The team is what made the Tough Mudder memorable…”

Others, nicknamed “Legionnaires,” had so much fun that they have returned for subsequent events.

With another muddy race under its belt, the EC Tough Mudder team will assuredly return to rule the day and bring each other closer to excellence in 2018.