We Are ISO 27001 Certified

by Alice Swan Aug 4th, 2021 Business News

Evans & Chambers Technology (EC) is excited to announce that we are now ISO 27001 certified! Proper information security is a critically important component of our relationship with our customers, partners, and suppliers. We strive to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of information and the facilities that hold such information. This certification demonstrates our commitment to the continual improvement of our Information Security Management System (ISMS). 

Our ISMS is regularly monitored within our corporate Quality Management System (QMS) to gain the proper visibility of information security concerns within the organization. Collectively, our QMS demonstrates EC’s commitment to implement quality driven processes and the delivery of quality services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients in every respect. Our ISO 27001 certification joins our previously obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification and CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 appraisal.  

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NFL Washington Football Team Drafts Evans & Chambers

by Alice Swan Mar 29th, 2021 Business News

Evans & Chambers Technology is excited to report that we are working with the National Football League’s Washington Football Team (WFT) on a project that supports its continuous IT evolution in the competitive world of professional sports. 

Evans & Chambers was awarded a contract with the WFT in November 2020 to provide the organization with a comprehensive assessment of its IT infrastructure. This assessment includes providing a current picture of WFT IT resources, documenting their current business operations and how IT enables those operations, determining what IT resources will support continued operational evolution, and building an IT roadmap such that IT transformation will align with operational transformation.

Competitive professional sports today requires the use of technology in ways never imagined 25 years ago. Evans & Chambers is proud to help the WFT stay current with the ever-changing world of IT and data analytics. We are honored that the WFT drafted the Evans & Chambers team to help win the game where technology not only enables business operations but also creates business discriminators on an extremely competitive field of play.

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Case Study – Security Control

by Jamil Evans Dec 10th, 2019 Business Software Technology


The Challenge:

If you work as a security officer in private industry or many government agencies, chances are you are responsible for multiple security domains, to include personnel security, industrial security, incident management, operations security, foreign disclosure, and insider threat for your entire organization. The current management tools for these areas are generally paper files, excel spreadsheets, SharePoint sites, email inboxes, and at best multiple stove-piped and antiquated software solutions. This leads to time lost searching for and providing information. The disconnection of systems has institutionalized inefficient processes that create additional work for each specialist handling a transaction. In a surprising large number of cases, inaccurate or absent data entry has led to missed handoffs, lengthening the clearance processing time, which hits an organization’s bottom-line unnecessarily. In the most heartbreaking cases, these organizations lose their ability to hold classified contracts completely due to non-compliance with the NISPOM (view pdf here) and failed inspections.


The Approach:

Evans & Chambers, in partnership Industrial Security Integrators (IsI), designed and developed Security Control to be the market leader in the industrial security software sector.  Security Control is a cloud-native SaaS solution for industry and government that centralizes all aspects of industrial security to include modules for classified contracts, personnel, secure facilities, safes, classified materials, visits, incident management and insider threat. Our product notifies security officers and clearance holders of actions necessary to remedy issues to stay in compliance with security and agency policy directives. Rather than require security officers to hunt down employees for annual training via email and phone, Security Control assigns actions items to employees within the application. Users then click the email link to launch an employee portal to view their action items and complete them.

For incident management and insider threat, Security Control offers submission forms enabling employees to report their incident along with supporting details and attachments. The entire submission is then routed to the supervisor, security officer, insider threat personnel security officer (ITPSO), and any key personnel within the organization, as required by your organizational policies. Finally, a simple export is needed to provide the report to the relevant government authorities.

Security Control’s latest feature is automated DCSA self inspections. Prior to this breakthrough feature, organizations would spend up to a month emailing an MS Word questionnaire around to key corporate personnel, and approximately 15% of your cleared workforce.  This process requires each recipient to answer a subset of questions. After herding cats to get the questions answered, and verifying accuracy and completeness, the data would be manually compiled into a coherent report with a cover letter and made available to DCSA with the hopes that it would fit compliance requirements. Security Control’s automated self inspection feature with workflows enables the security office to complete this entire process accurately in just a few clicks.

Security Control was built on the Amazon Web Services GovCloud regions with a security-first approach. Our product offers both SaaS and on-premise versions. The SaaS option ensures data isolation and integrity without requiring dedicated hardware. Our Multi-tenant architecture balances security with cost-effectiveness by segmenting customer information via unique databases per tenant while also employing auto-scaling through multiple web servers that share customer computational workloads. Private subnets are used to keep customer data secure and prevent any unauthorized access. Security Control is in the process of achieving a FedRAMP moderate compliance level.


The Results:

Industrial Security Integrators, our strategic partner, came onboard as our first client in 2017. Together, we migrated 4,000 personnel clearances from over 200 Federal government contracting firms into the system. Today, our product has achieved a client base of 14,000 employee personnel clearances and over 550 Federal Government contractors. As Security Control continues to grow, the number of clerical errors and time lost during the clearance process will continue to decrease. We are committed to staying ahead of the compliance curve through the production of innovative new features as DCSA continues to add more regulations to the NISPOM. Through these efforts, we are excited to be recognized as a leading contributor in helping our clients achieve and maintain their levels of security, efficiency, and compliance.

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Evans & Chambers Hosts Second Bi-Annual Board of Advisors Meeting at Cosmos Club

by Cedric Craig Mar 7th, 2017 Business News

On March 2nd, 2017 Evans & Chambers Technology held its second bi-annual Board of Advisors meeting at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. Following the inauguration of the EC Board of Advisors in 2015, the Board meets every six months to discuss matters related to the organization, ranging from strategy to cautionary advice as directed by each Board member’s unique experience.

This past meeting was a great kickoff to 2017 as several topics of discussion were brought to the table aimed to focus on the upcoming year for Evans & Chambers. After a recap of 2016, the Board and several members of EC’s leadership team widely discussed multiple points of improvement and focus for the company over the coming year: how to bring more value to our customers, how to better attract the best talent around, how to promote our capabilities in the best light possible, and how to align EC’s mission with that of the mission of the Federal Government and the services they depend on.

Following the meeting several Evans & Chambers program and project managers met with the Board of Advisors over lunch to discuss the services they are providing for the organization or their client as well as expectations for 2017.



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Level 5 Leadership Spring Cohort Recap

by Cedric Craig Oct 13th, 2016 Business EC Inside


Three EC managers–Larry McDowell, Sophia Magloire and Joshua Ortiz–have successfully completed several courses as part of EC’s 2016 Spring Cohort. Using the methodology of “Level 5 Leadership” as a framework, EC is able to support employees’ career development goals and provide a path to leadership within the organization. These series of training programs offered are designed to support the knowledge, skills, and abilities at each level of an EC employee’s career along with the qualities EC employees need to support their customer-facing efforts.

Employees interested in pursuing a leadership position within EC are able to use this training to gain more leadership capabilities and provide better professional services to their clients. EC hopes to see more managers pursue this path to increase their overall professional offering.

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Evans & Chambers Increases Engagement at Broccoli City Festival via iOS App

by Cedric Craig May 11th, 2016 Business Mobile Software Technology

On April 30th, 2016, the fifth annual Broccoli City Festival was held at the Gateway DC in SE Washington, DC. This is the first year that Evans & Chambers has had the privilege to partner with the Broccoli City Festival, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to highlight accessible ways that people can live healthier lifestyles in an environmentally sustainable way. As the organizers of the festival explain it, Broccoli City Festival is more than just a music festival, but it is a unique experience where pop culture, health and environmental sustainability are celebrated together.

IMG_2058 This year Evans & Chambers was able to further Broccoli City’s mission of attendee engagement by developing and deploying the official Broccoli City Festival app which was available as a free download for iOS from the Apple App Store. The app was able to add an additional layer of interaction to the festival as festival goers now had the ability to receive exclusive information on the performing musical artists, locate food trucks and vendors, view a unified social media feed that aggregate fan posts to Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud via the #BCFEST hashtag, and many more features.

When Evans & Chambers was approached to create this app exclusively for the festival, we proposed a multi-phased approach to delivering the Broccoli City Festival app in time for the April 2016 festival with additional features to be released during the rest of the 2016 calendar year. The codebase for the app was developed as an iOS-only application on the Xamarin Studio (recently acquired by Microsoft) with a custom API back-end coded in ASP.NET and hosted the Microsoft Azure cloud network.

During the days leading up to the festival and on the day of the festival, the app received a good amount of traffic from users. As of May 2, 2016 the app received 2,018 downloads, with 594 downloads occurring on the day of the festival. As of May 3, 2016 the app also received 3,014 views, with 1,009 views occurring on the day of the festival. With over 13,000 people in attendance at the festival, these numbers account for almost 10% of the entire crowd.

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Evans & Chambers Strengthening Quality Through ISO 9001 Certification

by Jamil Evans Feb 15th, 2016 Business News

Recently Evans & Chambers began the process to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to provide guidance and requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of a formalized quality management system. Under the helm of Program Manager Joshua Ortiz, EC will spend the next several months filing a multitude of documentation that outline EC’s processes in regards to up-keeping quality across several protocols including internal audit processes, recruiting/onboarding/offboarding, and customer satisfaction methodology.


The goal is the establishment of quality objectives supporting EC’s strategic direction all the while displaying the leadership’s commitment and involvement of internal and external stakeholders. The structure reinforced by the ISO 9001 process allows for identification and management of risks and corrective actions, and implements a “Plan, Do, Check, Act” methodology, a system that is so important for garnering customer satisfaction.

Ultimately the ISO 9001 certification aims to heighten the standardization of EC’s infrastructure, which in turn will increase the organization’s ability to successfully achieve strategic direction and goals, as well as improve the efficiency of core business processes thus allowing for us to meet and exceed customer expectations. Due to ISO’s global recognition, another benefit of the certification is increased marketability in achieving new business as well as growing existing business opportunities. Lastly, the validation that comes with enduring such a rigorous certification process provides reassurance to the customer of the quality of products and services provided by the organization.

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Evans & Chambers Positions Itself for Growth with new Director of Civilian Services

by Jamil Evans Feb 10th, 2016 Business News

Evans & Chambers Technology appoints Harry T. Lackey III as Director of Civilian Programs. Mr. Lackey’s area of responsibility for Evans & Chambers will include growing the civilian customer footprint at DHS and Department of State, among other agencies.


With over twelve years of business-to-business sales experience, eight in the Federal space, Mr. Lackey will be focused on business development and nurturing strategic partnerships by building out the customer footprint in the Civilian Government Market such as Homeland Security, State, GSA, Treasury and Transportation.

“I’m excited to join the EC team and help expand both our government customers and industry partners,” noted Lackey. “We believe GWACs & IDIQs will broaden our reach and allow our federal customers the opportunity to access Evans & Chambers’ service offerings.”

Prior to joining Evans & Chambers, Lackey was Director of Business Development at Bethesda, MD-based Catapult Technology pursuing new business opportunities in the Civilian and DOD market.

Before Catapult Lackey was Director of GWAC and IDIQ Contracts at Reston, VA-based Access Systems, Inc. (a STG, Inc. company). He generated sales through such contract vehicles as Department of Homeland Security EAGLE/1, General Services Administration’s Alliant SB and Department of State’s HITSS.

With a career in defense, civilian and commercial markets, he has held business development roles with Professional Alternative, Comsys, and Xerox Corporation. His past accounts include Citibank, Verizon, SAP, First Data Corp, Lockheed Martin and ManTech.

Lackey earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Technology from Stevenson University in Maryland and holds an ITIL v3 and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

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D. Michael Bennett, former CIO of BAE Systems, joins Evans & Chambers

by Jamil Evans Feb 3rd, 2016 Business News

Michael Evans & Chambers Technology is pleased to announce the addition of D. Michael Bennett as Executive Vice President of Strategy. Mr. Bennett’s area of responsibility for Evans & Chambers will include driving growth through strategic customer opportunities and select industry partnerships.

Mr. Bennett is awaiting final U.S. Senate confirmation to the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors. He is also Chair, Board of Directors of Manna, Inc.—a D.C. real estate development firm. As an experienced senior executive, Mr. Bennett adds world-class expertise in IT, cybersecurity, program management, and innovation to Evans & Chambers in the most complex environments.

As an award-winning corporate attorney, former BAE Systems CIO, and Presidential USPS Board nominee, Mr. Bennett’s corporate executive experience includes navigating complex, multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions, information management and cybersecurity strategy and execution, organizational management and IT transformation, as well as executive leadership. At BAE Systems, Mr. Bennett managed approximately 12,000 employees while overseeing the IT budget in excess of half a billion dollars. His responsibilities included overseeing internal cybersecurity and IT infrastructure for all businesses reporting into the U.S., as well as BAE’s, global information security infrastructure.

Mr. Bennett believes that the next 12 to 18 months at Evans & Chambers will be positioned for significant growth. This growth will be achieved through leveraging the current customer base to grow our work with newer capabilities, supporting new customers looking to modernize aging legacy IT systems, and strategic relationships between Evans & Chambers and other partners that help grow our capabilities and provide more services and offerings for new and existing customers. According to Mr. Bennett, Evans & Chambers is in a unique position to grow its client base and its partnerships and bring great value to its customers.

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Evans & Chambers Shaw Office Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

by Jamil Evans Sep 30th, 2015 Business News

On September 30th 2015, Evans & Chambers Technology had the honor of participating in the Shaw Ribbon Cutting Roundup hosted by Shaw Main Streets. This event was designed to celebrate the 14 new businesses that opened up in the past year in the Shaw neighborhood . At the RoundUp Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser was in high spirits as she carried on the tradition of former Mayor Vincent Grey of welcoming multiple new businesses to the community. At 10:30am Evans & Chambers received a welcoming Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting by D.C. Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau and the Director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development Ana Harvey, courtesy of Shaw Main Streets. This great milestone has really helped cement Evans & Chambers as a staple business in the Shaw community.



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