Evans & Chambers Technology Reunites at the Ballpark!

by Alice Swan Sep 22nd, 2021 EC Inside Events

On September 19th, Evans & Chambers (EC)  leadership was thrilled to host more than forty staff members at Nationals Ballpark to demonstrate EC’s gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and commitment the EC staff offers everyday.  After many months of COVID-related restrictions, many familiar faces and some new ones came together in a left field luxury sky box to relax and enjoy a fantastic buffet of food and drink. The weather was beautiful and the ballpark lively as the Nationals beat the Rockies for a late season victory.  The gathering was punctuated by boisterous cheering for the home team by the EC staff. 

“It’s wonderful to meet so many teammates in person after only seeing them in virtual meeting spaces over the past several months,” said David Carroll, EC’s channel sales manager.  “I can’t imagine a better place to watch a baseball game.  It’s great to know the EC leadership team truly recognizes the hard work we do everyday,” Carroll continued while enjoying a plate of wings and lounging in an outside seat in the sky box.  

Jamil Evans, President of EC, said, “I’m so proud of this group. They are such a dedicated and smart team that continually delivers at a high level for our clients. Their efforts have been the backbone of our recent growth and development as leading cloud and software developers in the DC – NoVA region.”  Evans added, “We are planning more social events like this as health restrictions loosen so we can further extend our commitment to supporting our clients and staff at a high level.  Connecting with our team in a relaxed atmosphere has been a cornerstone of our success. I genuinely look forward to these events because of the quality people we have on our team.”   

Despite the trying circumstances the team has encountered due to pandemic-related work environment restrictions, EC has continued to thrive and remain leaders in DC’s software development community. 


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Pat Ryan’s “Know Your Why” Spotlight

by Alice Swan Dec 15th, 2020 Events News

At Evans & Chambers, we believe it’s important to know and share your personal “why”. For our first “know your why” spotlight, we spoke with Pat Ryan, a seasoned systems engineer with a passion for solving tough problems for several of our customers. Pat shared what he finds personally fulfilling about his work at Evans & Chambers, and why he’s doing it.

What is your role at Evans & Chambers?

My position is cloud practice lead. In my customer-facing role, I work with national security customers in migrating mission applications in the cloud. The customer’s objectives are typically to dramatically reduce cost and increase mission effectiveness within a highly secure environment. As practice lead, I advise executive management, support sales teams, promote cloud excellence both internally and externally to the company, and mentor the younger staff toward objectives such as professional certifications.

What is your personal WHY?

I’m most effective when I can work within a small, talented team on a challenging objective. I thrive on solving tough challenges with elegant solutions.  EC has been great at hiring smart, talented people and getting them on contract to work on difficult problems in the public sector. The hours and budget for training gives me time to keep my skills up-to-date.

What do you do in your free time?

Pat Ryan is a DC-area native and lives in Rockville. In his free time, he plays guitar in a cover band, rides his bike, and spends time with his wife and two children. He is also very attached to his cat, Tim, who he rescued from a shelter last spring. This past October he participated in a 310 mile bike ride for Operation Second Chance, a charity for veterans.


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Introducing Evans & Chambers ‘Know Your Why’ Spotlight

by Alice Swan Dec 14th, 2020 Events News

Evans & Chambers Technology (EC) is a close team of professionals driven to tackle National Defense and Intelligence challenges through the IT solutions we create. Drawing from our collective expertise, we deliver best-practice, right-size solutions that create a decisive advantage for our customers. Ultimately, we recognize that a company’s quality is its team.

At EC, our purpose goes beyond an understanding of what we do or how we do it. As Simon Sinek shared in his insightful TED Talk on the Golden Circle, knowing your firm’s “why” is key to a culture that inspires teams to deliver mind-blowing results to its customers and partners.

We also believe it is important to know and share your personal “why”. We asked our employees to share how their personal “why” aligns with Evans & Chambers “why” by writing “Know Your Why” blogs. These blogs will be published over the coming weeks. We’re excited to introduce you to some of our awesome team members as they share about the important work they do! 

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Evans and Chambers Technology Hosts Tradecraft Thursday: Impact of Economic Espionage

by Alice Swan Mar 10th, 2020 EC Inside Events

Did you know that the United States regulates and restricts the release of critical technologies, information, and services to foreign nationals? You may be intrigued to know how compromised exports can weaken our national security.

Recently, Davidian Shirley, one of Evans & Chambers’ top intelligence analysts, held a Tradecraft Thursday training for the company discussing the impact of economic espionage and third-party access to controlled U.S. exports, as well as mitigation strategies. Davidian introduced general strategies of economic espionage against the U.S. Government and corporations and shared publicized cases illustrating how foreign adversaries gained access to sensitive information that saved their nations millions of dollars in research and development and undermined the United States’ strategic advantage. As a global superpower, the United States must be strong and effective security measures for its export system in order to protect and bolster national security.

Check out this article Foreign Economic Espionage in Cyberspace.


About Tradecraft Thursdays

Tradecraft Thursday is a series of employee-led internal monthly talks dedicated to EC’s core value of continental learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of professional topics to promote best practices and a shared understanding of common problem sets within our customer spaces. Stay tuned for the next Tradecraft Thursday recap!

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The 5 Coolest Things We Learned at AWS re:invent

by Kayla Cross Jan 16th, 2020 Cloud Events Technology

This past December, I and six other EC team members used our annual training budgets to attend Amazon Web Services’ (AWS’s) annual re:invent conference in Las Vegas. We participated in small workshops, informational sessions, and hackathons alongside a staggering 60,000 attendees who descended upon the city to learn more about the services AWS offers.

Conference activities ranged from an enormous expo where companies showed off their products to small “Builder’s Workshops” that offered personalized instruction to no more than a dozen attendees at a time. In between activities, conference sessions explored each of AWS’s offerings as well as unveiled new services (such as Kendra, a search tool powered by machine learning). EC team members attended some sessions together and some individually  based on our professional interests. We will each give a Tech Talk in the coming months to share what we learned with the rest of our EC colleagues.

Having one of the entertainment capitals of the world as the backdrop for the conference meant plenty of options for fun as well. Attending the public sector happy hour afforded us the opportunity not only to unwind from a long day of workshops but also to connect with organizations with which EC could potentially partner. Our team has already done a demo with one of the companies we met there, LogRocket, that could help us more quickly identify bugs in production.

The 5 coolest things we learned at re:invent

After returning from the conference and having some time to reflect, the team got on Slack to share our notable  takeaways from re:invent:  

1. FedRAMP accreditation support for AWS partners

Jamil Evans: “My one thing: I met the head of ISV alliances for the public sector at a public sector reception. He shared that as a trusted partner, AWS will provide us with dedicated support as we move Security Control through the FedRAMP accreditation process!

2. Patch automation with AWS Systems Manager

Colin Ardizzone: “One cool thing I learned about was the Patch Manager capability within AWS Systems Manager which lets you automate patching of EC2 instances with custom scripts and gives ample feedback in the form of logs to CloudWatch. It also lets you patch fleets of instances at a time and will smartly distribute the patch schedule so all your instances aren’t affected at once.”

3. VPC Ingress routing rules!

Pat Ryan: “AWS’s new VPC Ingress Routing features can be used to simplify integration of 3rd party security appliances.”

4. Amazon Textract rocks!

Kayla Cross: “I was impressed with Amazon Textract for importing documents and forms into applications. I thought it would be especially applicable to a lot of projects at EC that may deal with modeling information from complicated government forms.

5. Mobile development with offline support using AWS Amplify

Nate Ostrander: “I learned about AWS Amplify, a development platform that helps you build mobile and web applications without managing compute servers. Amplify also offers offline integration. While offline, the user’s device can query and write to a local cache which will automatically synchronize with the data source when back online.”


image  Image from iOS (3)  Image from iOS (4)

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Tech Talk: Data Processing with Amazon Sagemaker

by Alice Swan Jul 24th, 2019 Events Tech Talks Technology

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) services have become an integral part of many government-off-the-shelf  (GOTS) and commercial-off-the-shelf applications (COTS). Did you know that there are convenient ways to train, manage, and deploy machine learning algorithms and services?

On July 23rd, Dave Rabrun, one of Evans & Chambers’  lead software developers, held a Tech Talk for the company exploring big data, open-source processing, and mitigation challenges presented by creating custom machine learning tools within the public sector. Furthermore, Dave discussed the advantages of Amazon SageMaker, a cloud-based service that supports the entire machine learning workflow. With custom data processing tools becoming increasingly necessary for public sector clients, it is important to stay on top of the relevant technologies that makes those necessities a reality.

The presentation provided the audience with a deep understanding of why DoD and Intelligence Community agencies need to build custom image classification, video recognition, natural language processing and sentiment analysis tools. The presentation also provided a live demonstration of training an interactive data model.

About the EC Tech Talk Series

The Tech Talk Series is an employee-led platform dedicated to EC’s core value of continual learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of technology-based topics to promote the sharing of best practices and ideas across EC’s project teams.

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Evans & Chambers Gives Back

by Alice Swan Jun 17th, 2019 Events News

Evans & Chambers Technology (EC) is proud to continue supporting Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) and its mission of building and donating specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 veterans to enable them to rebuild their lives. Last year EC supported HFOT at the Virginia Gold Cup and sponsored a networking event with the defense industry and other Washington, DC, organizations. On June 10th, we participated in the 2019 Camaraderie Classic Golf Tournament as a sponsor and were able to meet several veterans who have received a home from HFOT.

At the start of 2019, EC created the Technology And Community Connecting Hands (TACCH) program to partner with nonprofits as a way to help the less fortunate. We are excited to announce that we nominated Bright Beginnings,Inc, as our first partner in this program. Bright Beginnings is a nonprofit organization that provides quality child care, education, and support to families experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC. It operates child and family development centers that offer a bright start for homeless infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and their families. TACCH helps mothers and fathers learn real life skills, responsibility, and parent-child bonding by working in the classroom with their children.

On June 12th, EC attended the 2019 Champion for Children Award Ceremony, where our COO Andre Chambers was able to meet the executive director of Bright Beginnings, Dr. Marla Dean, as well as several of the parents who are partaking in the TACCH program. Throughout the evening there were special thanks to the community for allowing Bright Beginnings to be successful, success speeches from parents who have benefited from Bright Beginnings, and a wonderful performance from Jennifer Jenkins, an extremely talented violinist.

20190613_004453 20190613_004720 20190613_145714


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EC Welcomes 2019 at Annual Holiday Party

by Alice Swan Jun 17th, 2019 EC Inside Events

On January 12, 2019, Evans & Chambers hosted its annual holiday party at The Loft at 600 F in the heart of Washington, DC. The event was the perfect occasion for tipping our hats to all of our efforts and successes in 2018, as well as to toast 2019 and all the possibilities it holds.

Throughout the night the company president, COO, and VP of Strategy gave inspiring speeches expressing their gratitude to our staff for their efforts over the past year. When guests were not dancing or catching up with each other, they were in front of the camera of our digital photo booth, laughing and creating memories.

Several gifts were raffled off during the night, such as a 55” TV and Beats by Dre Headphones. In addition, EC gave back to the community by collecting toys to donate to Toys for Tots. All in all the event was enjoyed by all, and we look forward to another year-end celebration for 2019.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2019 from all of us at Evans & Chambers Technology!


Evans & Chambers Technology Holiday Party_GIFs (17)  Evans & Chambers Technology Holiday Party_Stills (8)  Evans & Chambers Technology Holiday Party_Stills (4)  Evans & Chambers Technology Holiday Party_GIFs (14)   20190207_121202

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Evans & Chambers Technology Hosts Tradecraft Thursday: Misinformation in Media and its Implications

by Alice Swan Jun 1st, 2019 EC Inside Events

Do you think you’re able to identify biased and unreliable news sources? You may be surprised to learn just how difficult a challenge that is.

On Monday May 30th, Andrew Ewing, one of Evans & Chambers’ top intelligence experts, held a Tradecraft Thursday training for the company exploring the implication of unsourced, redacted, and biased media posts and how it has impacted the credibility of news outlets. Furthermore, Andrew discussed the implications on presidential elections and journalism as a whole. With the 2020 presidential election just around the corner it is important to have a reliable and unbiased news sources to help U.S. citizens make informed decisions on possible candidates.

23146  23147

About Tradecraft Thursdays 

Tradecraft Thursday is a series of employee-led internal monthly talks dedicated to EC’s core value of continental learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of professional topics to promote best practices and a shared understanding of common problem sets within our customer spaces. Stay tuned for the next Tradecraft Thursday recap!

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AWS DeepLens and Machine Learning TechTalk

by Alice Swan Feb 28th, 2019 Cloud EC Inside Events Tech Talks

At this week’s Tech Talk, Jim Davis, a senior software developer for Evans and Chambers Technology, shared some of his experiences at the 2018 Amazon Web Services Re:Invent conference.

The discussion covered the basics of machine learning, as well as DeepLens, a deep-learning high-definition camera developed by Amazon as a sandbox and introduction into the world of machine learning. Jim demonstrated the different machine learning types (supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning) and gave examples and industry use cases for each. Jim’s Tech Talk also included a live demo of setting up DeepLens out of the box, which covered how to install and customize project templates freely available on the AWS site.

Jim also highlighted other takeaways from the AWS conference, such as AWS’s growing serverless services (API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, etc.) and how Amazon has turned cloud computing into the powerful market segment it is today.


20190226_161257 20190226_161220


About the EC Tech Talk Series

The Tech Talk Series is an employee-led platform dedicated to EC’s core value of continual learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of technology-based topics to promote the sharing of best practices and ideas across EC’s project teams.

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