Dave Rabrun’s “Know Your Why” Spotlight

by Alice Swan Feb 22nd, 2021 EC Inside

Employee Spotlight:

At Evans & Chambers Technology, we believe it’s important to know and share your personal “why.” For our fourth “Know Your Why” Spotlight, we spoke with Dave Rabrun, a software architect who excels at solving the biggest technical obstacles and challenges in his industry. Dave shared what he finds personally fulfilling about his work at Evans & Chambers (EC) and why he enjoys doing it.

What is your role at Evans & Chambers?

I am a software architect at EC, and I solve the biggest technical obstacles and challenges in my industry. My resolutions to such obstacles and challenges involve not only developing architectural diagrams and deploying microservices but also building trust with EC’s customers, coworkers, and community. At EC, I have supported several contracts, mostly as the technical lead, providing positive results for EC’s federal customers. With every project and development cycle at EC, I grow as a software architect, which enables me to have a veritably positive influence on people’s lives.

What is your personal WHY?

I’m happiest when I can work across varied and interesting projects. There’s never a dull moment in my role at EC. One day I’ll load and process terabytes of satellite data, and the next day I’ll build a global outbreak interface to help a federal epidemiologist. I appreciate EC’s community outreach efforts. EC understands the importance of giving back through fundraisers, food drives, and volunteering to build technical solutions for local nonprofit organizations. 

What do you do in your free time?

Dave is an avid outdoorsman, homesteader & DIYer. During the fall & winter months, most of his free time goes into hunting, fishing & making kombucha and ginger beer. In the spring & summer, he’s all about gardening, movies and grilling with family & friends in his backyard.