Evans and Chambers Technology Hosts Tradecraft Thursday: Impact of Economic Espionage

by Alice Swan Mar 10th, 2020 EC Inside Events

Did you know that the United States regulates and restricts the release of critical technologies, information, and services to foreign nationals? You may be intrigued to know how compromised exports can weaken our national security.

Recently, Davidian Shirley, one of Evans & Chambers’ top intelligence analysts, held a Tradecraft Thursday training for the company discussing the impact of economic espionage and third-party access to controlled U.S. exports, as well as mitigation strategies. Davidian introduced general strategies of economic espionage against the U.S. Government and corporations and shared publicized cases illustrating how foreign adversaries gained access to sensitive information that saved their nations millions of dollars in research and development and undermined the United States’ strategic advantage. As a global superpower, the United States must be strong and effective security measures for its export system in order to protect and bolster national security.

Check out this article Foreign Economic Espionage in Cyberspace.


About Tradecraft Thursdays

Tradecraft Thursday is a series of employee-led internal monthly talks dedicated to EC’s core value of continental learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of professional topics to promote best practices and a shared understanding of common problem sets within our customer spaces. Stay tuned for the next Tradecraft Thursday recap!