Introducing Evans & Chambers ‘Know Your Why’ Spotlight

by Alice Swan Dec 14th, 2020 Events News

Evans & Chambers Technology (EC) is a close team of professionals driven to tackle National Defense and Intelligence challenges through the IT solutions we create. Drawing from our collective expertise, we deliver best-practice, right-size solutions that create a decisive advantage for our customers. Ultimately, we recognize that a company’s quality is its team.

At EC, our purpose goes beyond an understanding of what we do or how we do it. As Simon Sinek shared in his insightful TED Talk on the Golden Circle, knowing your firm’s “why” is key to a culture that inspires teams to deliver mind-blowing results to its customers and partners.

We also believe it is important to know and share your personal “why”. We asked our employees to share how their personal “why” aligns with Evans & Chambers “why” by writing “Know Your Why” blogs. These blogs will be published over the coming weeks. We’re excited to introduce you to some of our awesome team members as they share about the important work they do!