Kayla Cross’s “Know Your Why” Spotlight

by Alice Swan Jan 5th, 2021 EC Inside

At Evans & Chambers, we believe it’s important to know and share your personal “why”. For our second “know your why” spotlight, we spoke with Kayla Cross, a software developer who embodies EC’s core values of excellence and teamwork. Kayla shared what she finds personally fulfilling about her work at Evans & Chambers, and why she’s doing it.

What is your role at Evans & Chambers?

I am a Software Engineer at EC who loves coding and communicating effectively. I strive to understand the needs of our user base, as well as to extend the mentorship I have received at EC to new members of the team. I now mentor our interns on projects and strive to emphasize that it takes time to get familiar with the codebase and encourage deep learning of our framework. Through mentorship meetings and weekly knowledge shares, our team’s effort to continue connecting while being fully remote makes me proud.

What is your personal WHY?

My journey at EC illustrates how much of a difference mentors make in career growth. I joined the company in 2018 as a software development intern. My first interview for the internship was with Jamil Evans, and I was surprised that the cofounder of the company took the time to interview me. It communicated how flat of a structure EC has and how deeply involved the leaders are in day-to-day work.

That close involvement extended well after my interview. My fellow team members placed importance not on the need to know the answer immediately, but rather on the process of learning together. I became much more confident in my coding and felt welcomed as a member of the team. Additionally, I was happy to find out that the learning doesn’t stop after our internship program – for example, this year I was lucky enough to attend the AWS re:Invent conference using the resources EC provides for training. I prosper with EC’s investment in team members who care about mentorship and continuous learning at all stages of employment making our company a positive and engaging place to work.

What do you do in your free time?

Kayla enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction (in non-quarantine times, with the help of the DC Writer’s Salon), and her current project is a novel about a fake psychic. Her latest obsession is training her 3-month-old pup Oscar, who has been crate trained but hasn’t yet learned to code. She lives with her partner Max in DC.