Marina Sullivan’s “Know Your Why” Spotlight

by Alice Swan Mar 8th, 2021 EC Inside

At Evans & Chambers Technology, we believe it’s important to know and share your personal “why.” For our fifth  “Know Your Why” Spotlight, we spoke with Marina Sullivan, a senior project controller that has a passion for developing and managing our contract goals and is a vital contributor to the growth and progression of the company. Marina shared what she finds personally fulfilling about her work at Evans & Chambers (EC) and why she enjoys doing it.

Describe your role at Evans & Chambers

I work directly with project managers and leadership to help define project goals and objectives. I analyze progress reports as well as develop and maintain a project budget. As a key part of the back office support at EC, I’m one of the people that may engage in communication with customers prior to our technical gurus showing up to work on their solutions. It is important to me that our customers know that we care about how we do the work and that every detail is just as important as the end solution. I strive to make every interaction with our customers, no matter how small, relevant and meaningful.

What is your personal WHY?

I’ve always been someone that cares about how my actions and words affect people. I’m always conscious of the perception people have when they hang up the phone after a conversation with me or after participating in a specific activity. At EC, I love the fact that part of our mission statement includes, “in every action, we will put the human experience first.”

What do you do in your free time?

In my spare time I enjoy reading James Patterson books, watching true crime stories (big ID Discovery fan), and I love restoring antique furniture pieces. Okay, so I’ve only done two (2) pieces in my life…but I do love it! Since we’ve been quarantined due to COVID, I’ve finally been able to focus on this a little. I also love anything to do with Real Estate, so if I’m not watching crime stories it’s HGTV for me! Whatever I’m doing, if it’s near the ocean or a beach, I’m happy!