Our Product Offerings

Products for the Federal Government and Contractors

At Evans & Chambers we build products that eliminate the barriers to collaboration and information-sharing,  one project at a time. Our mission is to power your mission in the ever-changing and challenging world of technology.

Our Product Offerings

Security Control is a security management platform that helps users reduce cycle times and maximizes compliance to minimize loss of facility and personnel clearances due to non-compliance.

Global Secure

GlobalSecure is a cloud-based dashboard that seamlessly manages resources and logistics within temporary sites or emergency zones providing just-in-time resource allocation and cost project reporting.


OpenSesame is a tool for open source analyst teams. It leverages proprietary technology to make the process of producing FINTEL more collaborative, transparent, and timely.

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Our Product-Building Principles

When it comes to our products, we live by three guiding principles:

Security First

We don’t take security lightly. From RMF to FedRAMP, we bake in security requirements early and continually validate our work to ensure that all solutions are compliant.

Human Experience

We do our homework. Taking the time to understand our customers’ challenges and how they do business allows us to build products that are both easy to use and get the job done.

Built-in Quality

We know quality is key. From CMMI to ISO 9001, our team uses standardized best practices to deliver the best solutions to our customers. We apply test-driven development methods with automation from the start.

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