Tech Talk: Amazon Lex Chatbox

by Alice Swan Oct 25th, 2019 EC Inside Tech Talks Technology

Do you want to create a scalable and easy-to-use chatbot in minutes?

On October 24, Colin Ardizzone, a developer at Evans & Chambers, held a tech talk detailing how to set up an Amazon Lex chatbox. Lex is Amazon’s service for creating conversational interfaces for applications powered by the same technologies as Amazon Alexa. During the talk, Colin discussed basic concepts of natural language processing, how to create and configure Lex, and demonstrated how Lex can effectively integrate with other Amazon web services. The presentation also covered some of the best business use-cases of Amazon Lex from industry leaders such as Capital One and Nasa.

The tech talk was designed with both AWS beginners and experienced users in mind. If you would like to follow along with the example in this tech talk, you can do so by creating an AWS free-tier account. All the baseline blueprints in the presentation were provided by AWS and are more than enough to get started with your own chatbox. For more great resources on Lex, we recommend reading some of the partner blog posts found here.

About the EC Tech Talk Series

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