Tech Talk: AWS Amplify

by Alice Swan May 28th, 2020 Cloud Tech Talks Technology

In the fast paced and ever-expanding world of software development cloud computing has become the new norm. AWS, being a leader in providing on-demand cloud computing services, is always looking to make it easier for the customer to build end to end solutions.

The traditional cloud model is to provision servers for computation and storage. This requires developers to manage and maintain operating systems, size, scaling policies and much more. What id there was a way to have a backend provisioned in the cloud without having to manage servers? AWS Amplify was introduced in 2017 to do just that.

On May 26th, Nate Ostrander, a software developer at Evans & Chambers Technology, gave a Tech Talk on how to utilize AWS Amplify to quickly build serverless solutions in the cloud. Nate gave a brief overview of the Amplify framework and which AWS services/coding frameworks are currently supported. He also demoed on how to build a reactive mobile application using Amplify, App-Sync and DynamoDB.

AWS Amplify gives developers the ability to rapidly prototype solutions that are built to scale for production. We will see more growth in the software development community as it is easier to quickly build cheap solutions with services like Amplify.

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