Tech Talk: AWS CloudFormation

by Alice Swan Feb 28th, 2020 Cloud EC Inside Tech Talks Technology

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a powerful method for safely and reliably managing complex solution deployments. IaC reduces or eliminates manual steps, limiting the opportunities for human error. AWS CloudFormation is a managed IaC solution for representing and deploying solutions in the AWS platform.

On February 27, Pat Ryan, cloud practice lead for Evans & Chambers, held a Tech Talk to provide a basic introduction on the core concepts and practices of CloudFormation. He described the key syntactical elements of a CloudFormation template as well as the built-in functions and variables.

Following the discussion on CloudFormation basics, Pat walked through an example of a complex template that he produced for a government client.

The presentation provided an introductory understanding of CloudFormation and introduced other IaC solutions such as Ansible and Terraform.

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