Tech Talk: AWS StepFunctions

by Alice Swan Sep 2nd, 2021 Tech Talks

Deploying your application in Microservices is the new hot architectural movement in technology today. With Microservices, every service is decoupled, or detached, from each other creating an ecosystem that is easier to debug and develop on, but that requires a lot of moving parts to manage and understand.

AWS StepFunctions helps orchestrate and mitigate any confusion within micro service development. Integration with other AWS services is easy to visualize with StepFunctions, with real time step-by-step work through of your workflow. 

On September 31st, James Yoo, a software engineer at Evans and Chambers, held a virtual tech talk providing the basics of what Step-functions are, how it works, and the pro’s and con’s of using it. James also demoed the visualization and workflow of StepFunctions and went through some use cases that would benefit from implementing step functions.

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