Tech Talk: DevOps with AWS

by Alice Swan Jul 2nd, 2020 Cloud EC Inside Tech Talks Technology

DevOps has reshaped the way software is processed and delivered by providing a structured and decoupled approach by way of the DevOps toolchain.

Using CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) in your DevOps pipeline provides automation that improves delivery time, thus allowing developers a faster and more reliable way to go from code to deployment.

If you’re already invested in AWS cloud infrastructure, then it’s worth checking out AWS’s DevOps suite, as they’ve created tools designed to integrate their services for a quick to implement solution. AWS CodePipeline allows you to create custom workflows and control how CI/CD is implemented in your system.

In June 30th, Jim Davis, a senior software engineer and tech lead at Evans & Chambers, conducted a tech talk on the advantages of incorporating DevOps into one’s software development cycle, and demoed a “hello world” application going from code to a hosted deployment in about 15 minutes with the push of a button.

About the EC Tech Talk Series

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