Tech Talk: Efficient Cloud Development & Deployment

by Alice Swan May 7th, 2021 EC Inside Tech Talks

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the resurgence of remote work and an ever-increasing number of networks that a Developer must be ready to engage with, effective DevOps Strategies have become integral to every Team’s Software development Life Cycle.

On May 4th, Dave Rabrun, A Software Architect at EC, held a Tech Talk explaining different methodologies to developing, deploying and maintaining software on disparate networks. During the presentation, Dave provided the audience with information about several collaborative operations & development environments that he uses to move data and code across his networks.

 Dave also presented advantages of completing as much development as possible from commonly accessed networks such as DI2E,, AWS GOVCLOUD or AWS Commercial. From there, Dave showcased several tools he considered essential to his DevOps Toolbox. The tools he showed were AWS Cloudformation, AWS SAM and SonarQube. He went on to explain that with proper configuration & leveraging the templating and automation available with Cloudformation & SAM CLI, a developer can deploy the same system, every time, across different AWS networks. With SonarQube, the audience were shown that they could create a baseline to ensure a predictable security cadence for their applications & deployments.

Lastly, Dave went over common pitfalls to deploying to disparate networks such as “building to origin” instead of “building to destination” and not taking advantage of unit testing. The concept of “building to origin” is creating applications based on the system of origin, instead of “building to destination” which predicates building applications to the lowest common denominator or the network where the software will eventually be deployed.

About the EC Tech Talk Series

The Tech Talk Series is an employee-led platform dedicated to EC’s core value of continual learning. These talks aim to cover a broad range of technology-based topics to promote the sharing of best practices and ideas across EC’s project teams.